Buried In Barstow Part 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and More Updates!

“Buried in Barstow” is an American action-thriller drama film developed for the Lifetime channel, helmed by directors Howard Deutch and Hiro Koda. This gripping cinematic creation offers an intense narrative centered around Hazel King, a single mother determined to shield her daughter from the haunting echoes of her own past.

The storyline unfolds as Hazel grapples with her history, a past steeped in the duty of safeguarding the defenseless. Her journey to protect her daughter, Joy King, is the central theme, making “Buried in Barstow” a high-stakes and emotionally charged thriller.

The film boasts an impressive lineup of executive producers, including Monica Castellanos, Laura Notarianni, Michael Rosenberg, Eric Scott Woods, Angie Harmon, David Rambo, and Stan Spry. Their collective expertise adds depth and authenticity to the project, ensuring it resonates with viewers.

“Buried in Barstow” explores themes of redemption, resilience, and the lengths a mother is willing to go to protect her child. Hazel’s complex character is at the heart of the story, and her journey from a troubled past to a determined present forms the emotional core of the film.

The film’s initial release has already generated enthusiastic discussions among viewers, with many pondering the potential for its future. It’s a testament to the compelling storytelling and powerful performances that have left audiences eagerly anticipating what comes next.

As “Buried in Barstow” captures the essence of suspense, drama, and maternal love, it holds the promise of not only resonating with its current audience but also garnering attention as a remarkable addition to the action-thriller genre. The film’s exploration of Hazel’s past and her unwavering commitment to her daughter’s safety sets the stage for a thrilling and emotionally charged cinematic experience.

Buried In Barstow Part 2 Release Date

The highly anticipated series, “Buried in Barstow,” made its debut on June 4, 2022, marking the beginning of a thrilling narrative. The first film in the series concluded with the tantalizing words “To Be Continued” on screen, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. This cliffhanger revealed that Hazel, the central character, had been wounded by an assailant who also kidnapped her coworker, Javier.

The suspense deepened as Hazel was left abandoned at her café, and Elliot, a key character, embarked on a mission to save her. The gripping conclusion of the first film set the stage for an intense and emotionally charged story to unfold.

Lifetime, the network behind the series, has confirmed that “Buried in Barstow” will consist of a series of films, hinting at a promising narrative arc. While the exact number of intended sequels remains unknown, at least one has been officially confirmed.

Executive producer Angie Harmon has provided insight into the series’ potential, suggesting that the total number of episodes will likely fall within the range of six to eight. The final count will depend on the response and reception from the audience, indicating a commitment to delivering a compelling and audience-driven narrative.

As fans eagerly await the continuation of Hazel’s journey and the unfolding mysteries of “Buried in Barstow,” the series promises to keep viewers engaged and invested in its suspenseful and action-packed storyline. The “To Be Continued” message has left audiences hungry for more, and the series appears poised to deliver on its promise of thrilling and dramatic storytelling.

Buried In Barstow Part 2 Cast

The cast of “Buried in Barstow Part 2” is a talented ensemble of actors who bring depth and authenticity to their respective roles, further enhancing the suspense and drama of the series. Here’s a glimpse of the key cast members:

  1. Angie Harmon as Hazel King: Angie Harmon takes on the central role of Hazel King, a single mother with a complex past who is determined to protect her daughter. Her portrayal brings a blend of strength, vulnerability, and resilience to the character.

  2. Michael Woods as Elliot: Michael Woods plays Elliot, a character intricately involved in Hazel’s journey. His character’s attempts to save Hazel add layers of intrigue and emotion to the storyline.

  3. Laura Notarianni as Joy King: Laura Notarianni portrays Joy King, Hazel’s daughter. As a pivotal character in the series, Laura’s performance is expected to capture the essence of innocence and the challenges faced by a child in the midst of turmoil.

  4. David Rambo as Javier: David Rambo plays Javier, Hazel’s coworker who becomes a victim of the mysterious events. His character’s fate is central to the plot, and David’s portrayal is likely to bring depth to this role.

  5. Monica Castellanos as Monica: Monica Castellanos adds to the intrigue as Monica, a character whose role in the unfolding events remains a key mystery.

  6. Stan Spry as Stan: Stan Spry’s character, Stan, is another enigmatic figure in the series, and his performance is expected to keep viewers guessing.

The “Buried in Barstow Part 2” cast comprises seasoned actors who excel in delivering compelling performances. With their combined talent, they contribute to the series’ suspense and dramatic intensity, ensuring that viewers remain captivated by the evolving storyline. As the mysteries deepen and the characters’ fates intertwine, this ensemble cast is poised to elevate the series to new heights of suspense and intrigue.

Buried In Barstow Part 2 Plot

The anticipation for “Buried in Barstow 2” is palpable among fans of the thrilling series. However, there has been a notable lack of official information regarding the plot from the producers. It’s worth mentioning that despite the tantalizing “To Be Continued” message at the conclusion of the first film, the filmmakers have not officially confirmed a sequel.

This ambiguity surrounding the sequel’s existence has left viewers curious and eager to learn more about the direction the story will take. The first film left several unresolved mysteries, including Hazel’s wounded state and the abduction of her coworker, Javier. These open-ended plot points have fueled speculation about what could transpire next.

It’s not uncommon for film and television productions to leave audiences hanging with the promise of a sequel or continuation, only to leave the details shrouded in secrecy. This deliberate air of mystery can generate excitement and intrigue, keeping viewers engaged and eager for the next installment.

Fans are undoubtedly hoping for answers to the questions raised in the first film and are eager to see how the story of Hazel and her quest to protect her daughter unfolds. The uncertainty surrounding the sequel’s confirmation has only heightened the anticipation, as viewers eagerly await news from the producers regarding the continuation of this suspenseful and emotionally charged narrative.

In the absence of official information, discussions and speculations about “Buried in Barstow 2” continue to thrive within the dedicated fanbase. It remains to be seen whether the filmmakers will reveal the sequel’s existence and provide insights into the plot, but one thing is certain: viewers are ready for more of Hazel’s gripping journey and the enigmatic world of “Buried in Barstow.”

Buried In Barstow Part 2 Trailer

The “Buried in Barstow Part 2” trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse into the highly anticipated continuation of this suspenseful drama. With gripping visuals and a haunting soundtrack, the trailer hints at the mysteries that lie ahead. Viewers catch glimpses of the enigmatic Hazel King, her determination to protect her daughter, and the unresolved questions from the first film. The trailer leaves audiences eager to uncover the secrets that haunt Hazel’s past and the challenges she’ll face in her quest for answers. “Buried in Barstow Part 2” promises to deliver another gripping installment in this emotionally charged and suspenseful saga.


Is “Buried in Barstow Part 2” officially confirmed?

As of now, the producers have not officially confirmed the sequel, despite the “To Be Continued” message at the end of the first film. The existence of the sequel remains unverified.

What can viewers expect from “Buried in Barstow Part 2”?

The plot and details of the sequel remain undisclosed, leaving viewers curious about the direction the story will take. The first film left several unresolved mysteries that may be addressed in the continuation.

When might “Buried in Barstow Part 2” be released?

There is no official release date for the sequel, and the timing of its release remains uncertain, pending confirmation from the filmmakers.

Will the original cast return for the sequel?

The cast for “Buried in Barstow Part 2” has not been officially confirmed. The involvement of the original cast members, including Angie Harmon and others, remains unknown.

How are fans reacting to the uncertainty surrounding the sequel?

Fans are eagerly anticipating news about the sequel and are actively discussing their theories and hopes for the continuation of the story. The uncertainty surrounding “Buried in Barstow Part 2” has generated significant intrigue and curiosity among viewers.


In conclusion, “Buried in Barstow Part 2” remains shrouded in mystery and anticipation. Despite the compelling “To Be Continued” message at the end of the first film, the sequel’s official confirmation and plot details are yet to be revealed by the producers. This enigmatic status has left viewers intrigued and eager to discover the fate of Hazel King and the unresolved mysteries from the first installment.

Fans of the series have been actively speculating about what might transpire next in Hazel’s journey to protect her daughter, Joy King, and confront her past. The sequel’s existence and its potential to address these unanswered questions continue to generate discussions and excitement within the dedicated fanbase.

While the release date, cast details, and plot specifics remain uncertain, “Buried in Barstow Part 2” holds the promise of delivering another gripping and emotionally charged chapter in this suspenseful drama. As viewers eagerly await news from the producers, the series’ ability to keep its audience engaged and invested in the unfolding narrative is a testament to its storytelling prowess. The anticipation surrounding the sequel ensures that “Buried in Barstow Part 2” will be met with heightened enthusiasm when it finally emerges from the shadows.

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