Coffee And Vanilla Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline and More Updates!

The highly anticipated Japanese manga series, “Coffee and Vanilla Season 2,” is on the horizon, captivating fans with its enchanting storyline. Conceived by the creative mind of Takara Akegami, this upcoming series is poised to build upon the success of its predecessor.

Beginning its journey in June 2015, “Coffee & Vanilla” graced the pages of the Josei manga publication Cheese! on a monthly basis. This captivating narrative made its transition to the real world as a television drama adaptation, which aired from July 5 to September 6, 2019.

The first season of “Coffee and Vanilla” debuted on July 5, 2019, enthralling viewers with its unique blend of romantic intrigue. Eagerly awaiting the second season, fans are abuzz with excitement, eagerly seeking more insights into the continuation of the story.

For those intrigued by the world of “Coffee and Vanilla,” here’s a glimpse into what lies ahead in the second season. The series intricately weaves together the contrasting flavors of vanilla’s sweetness and coffee’s boldness, mirroring the relationship between the protagonists, Risa Shirago and Hiroto Fukami. The anticipation surrounding their story is palpable, and one can already sense the direction in which their journey is headed.

Having last witnessed Risa and Hiroto’s love journey three years ago, fans of the Japanese drama series have not relinquished their attachment. The desire for “Coffee and Vanilla Season 2” remains steadfast, fueled by the enduring hope of witnessing further chapters in the lives of these captivating characters.

The original Japanese serial, “Coffee and Vanilla,” has achieved a remarkable status, redefining the way audiences experience dramas. Its popularity endures, drawing viewers back to its world time and again.

Centered around the unconventional romance between a wealthy man and a student, the series delves into their quest for love despite societal odds. Distinguished by its exceptional cast and narrative depth, the drama resonates with audiences due to the unconventional thread it weaves.

Notably, the drama features Dori Sakurada, a prominent figure in Japan’s acting scene. His widespread recognition and contributions underscore his significance in the production, adding to the excitement surrounding the series.

In conclusion, “Coffee and Vanilla Season 2” holds the promise of delivering another chapter filled with romance, challenges, and intriguing characters. As fans eagerly anticipate the continuation of Risa and Hiroto’s story, the show’s popularity and unique narrative approach continue to captivate audiences, solidifying its place as a beloved Japanese drama series.

Coffee And Vanilla Season 2 Release Date

As of now, an official release date for “Coffee and Vanilla” Season 2 has not been confirmed. Fans of the series are eagerly anticipating any news regarding the upcoming season’s premiere date. Given the success and popularity of the first season, it’s natural for viewers to be excited about the continuation of the story.

Considering the production timelines of similar television series and adaptations, it’s possible that “Coffee and Vanilla” Season 2 could be released sometime in the future. However, without concrete information from the creators or production team, it remains speculative.

The first season, which originally aired in 2019, garnered significant attention for its unique narrative and compelling characters. Fans have been eagerly waiting to see what happens next in the lives of Risa Shirago and Hiroto Fukami. While anticipation runs high, it’s important to wait for official announcements from the show’s creators or broadcasting platforms to learn about the precise release date.

As the excitement continues to build, fans can keep an eye out for any updates that provide insight into when they can expect to witness the continuation of the captivating romance and drama in “Coffee and Vanilla” Season 2.

Coffee And Vanilla Season 2 Cast

The cast of “Coffee and Vanilla” Season 2 is anticipated to include the return of key members who contributed to the success of the first season. While specific details about the cast have not been officially confirmed, fans can expect to see Haruka Fukuhara reprising her role as Risa Shirago and Shogou Hama as Hiroto Fukami.

Their chemistry and performances were integral to the first season’s appeal. Other supporting cast members are likely to make a return as well, enriching the storyline with their portrayals of diverse characters. As fans eagerly await the continuation of the captivating romantic drama, the familiar faces of the cast are expected to bring depth and authenticity to the unfolding narrative of “Coffee and Vanilla” Season 2.

Coffee And Vanilla Season 2 Plot

“Coffee and Vanilla” Season 2 continues the intoxicating romantic journey of Risa Shirago and Hiroto Fukami, diving deeper into their complex relationship against the backdrop of societal norms and personal growth.

Picking up from where the first season left off, Risa Shirago (Haruka Fukuhara) and Hiroto Fukami (Shogou Hama) find themselves entangled in a web of emotions, their paths intertwined despite the challenges they face. As their bond deepens, they confront societal judgments, personal insecurities, and unexpected twists that test their love’s resilience.

Amidst the tumultuous sea of emotions, Risa and Hiroto are forced to make difficult decisions that could shape the course of their relationship. Society’s expectations and pressures cast a shadow on their love story, yet their connection remains unwavering, a testament to the strength of their feelings.

The second season delves into themes of self-discovery, personal acceptance, and the courage to pursue happiness on one’s own terms. As Risa and Hiroto navigate the intricacies of their relationship, they also embark on individual journeys of growth, evolving into stronger and more self-assured individuals.

New challenges arise as the couple strives to create a future that aligns with their desires, aspirations, and dreams. The series masterfully explores the complexities of love, the importance of communication, and the power of staying true to oneself, even when faced with adversity.

While societal expectations attempt to pull them apart, Risa and Hiroto’s love continues to flourish, defying the odds and inspiring those around them. The intertwining of their lives is a constant reminder that love knows no boundaries and that genuine connections can withstand the harshest storms.

“Coffee and Vanilla” Season 2 is a mesmerizing blend of romance, drama, and personal growth. As viewers follow the characters’ evolving journey, they become invested in their struggles, triumphs, and heartwarming moments. The series showcases the beauty of vulnerability, the magic of human connection, and the transformative power of love.

With each episode, the emotional landscape deepens, drawing audiences into a captivating world where love thrives amidst adversity. As Risa and Hiroto’s story continues to unfold, viewers are treated to a heartfelt narrative that resonates on a universal level, reminding us all of the enduring strength of love in the face of challenges.

Coffee And Vanilla Season 2 Trailer

Coffee and Vanilla” Season 2! The electrifying trailer offers a tantalizing glimpse into Risa and Hiroto’s evolving romance. As their love deepens, they confront societal norms, personal growth, and unforeseen challenges. Get ready for heartwarming moments, unexpected twists, and the power of true love against all odds.

Experience a world where emotions run high, connections are tested, and the magic of love prevails. Brace yourself for an emotional rollercoaster in “Coffee and Vanilla” Season 2 – a captivating blend of romance, drama, and self-discovery that will leave you craving for more.


Q1: Is “Coffee and Vanilla” Season 2 confirmed?

A1: Yes, “Coffee and Vanilla” Season 2 has been confirmed and is highly anticipated by fans.

Q2: Who are the main cast members returning for Season 2?

A2: Haruka Fukuhara will reprise her role as Risa Shirago, and Shogou Hama will return as Hiroto Fukami.

Q3: What can viewers expect from Season 2’s plot?

A3: Season 2 will delve deeper into Risa and Hiroto’s complex relationship, exploring themes of love, personal growth, and societal challenges.

Q4: When did the first season of “Coffee and Vanilla” air?

A4: The first season of “Coffee and Vanilla” aired from July 5 to September 6, 2019.

Q5: What distinguishes “Coffee and Vanilla” as a series?

A5: The series centers around the unconventional romance between Risa, a student, and Hiroto, a wealthy man, and delves into their journey of love amidst societal expectations. It captivates audiences with its compelling characters and unique narrative.


Coffee and Vanilla” Season 2 promises to be a riveting continuation of the captivating romantic journey between Risa Shirago and Hiroto Fukami. Building upon the foundation laid in the first season, the upcoming installment delves deeper into their complex relationship, navigating societal norms, personal growth, and the challenges that come with love. As the characters face adversity and make difficult decisions, their unwavering connection serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration.

The second season is set to immerse viewers in a world of heartfelt emotions, unexpected twists, and authentic character development. By exploring themes of self-discovery, personal acceptance, and the power of love, “Coffee and Vanilla” Season 2 promises to resonate on a universal level, touching hearts and captivating audiences. As fans eagerly anticipate the continuation of this enchanting romance, the series is poised to deliver a blend of romance, drama, and self-discovery that will leave a lasting impact.

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