Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date Cast, Plot, Storyline,: Did The Show Get Renewed?

‘Homegrown Sweetheart’ is a sentiment show anime series adjusted from the Japanese manga series of a similar name by Kei Sasuga. The series follows Natsuo Fujii, a 17-year-old hopeful writer who is profoundly infatuated with his instructor, Hina Tachibana. At the point when he meets Rui, a secondary school understudy, he has no clue about that she is Hina’s sister and that his life could never go back. Natsuo’s dad wedded Hina and Rui’s mom, further confusing the circle of drama by making them Natsuo’s step-kin.

The Diomedéa creation appeared on January 12, 2019, and has since gotten far and wide basic praise for its nuanced portrayal of human associations and feelings. Homegrown Sweetheart’s subsequent season has aroused worldwide curiosity because of its intricate storyline rotating around affection, kinship, and youth. All in all, when might we at any point anticipate the debut of the new season? Gee, how about we find out.

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Renewal Status

As of my last update in September 2021, there was no official announcement regarding the renewal status of “Domestic Girlfriend” for a second season. Fans of the anime were hoping for news of a continuation, given the popularity of the manga and the interest generated by the first season. However, the decision to renew or cancel an anime series depends on various factors, including viewership, critical reception, and the production studio’s plans. To find the most current information about the renewal status of “Domestic Girlfriend,” it is best to check with official sources or reputable anime news outlets for any recent announcements.

As of this moment, we don’t know anything about the plot of Season 2 of Homegrown Sweetheart. There will be no spoilers for Season 2 until the show’s makers make an authority declaration. Season 2 is intended to refocus, potentially zeroing in on the manga’s subsequent story curve. Until an affirmed declaration is made, in any case, fans should stay watchful.

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Release Date

As of my last update in September 2021, there had been no official announcement regarding the release date for “Domestic Girlfriend” Season 2. The anime is based on the manga of the same name, and fans were eagerly anticipating news about a possible continuation. However, production schedules and announcements can change, so it’s best to check with official sources, such as the anime’s production studio, for the most up-to-date information on whether “Domestic Girlfriend” Season 2 has been confirmed and when it is scheduled to be released, if at all.

There has been no affirmation of when the second time of Homegrown na Kanojo will air, yet considering how rapidly an anime season can be created, there is still expectation that it will debut one year from now. In this way, we can expect the arrival of season 2 in the year 2024.

Domestic Girlfriend Storyline

The characters in Homegrown Sweetheart demonstrate the way that affection, friendship, and connections can be both disturbing and magnificent. Natsuo Fujii’s secondary school life is advancing regularly until he begins having love for his educator, Hina. He attempts to forget about things by going to a blender, where he winds up conversing with an unconventional young lady named Rui.

In an unforeseen turn of occurrences, Rui gets out with Natsuo in the wake of requesting some help. However, there’s no adoration here; we’re only here to develop from our mix-ups. To assist him with continuing on from his affections for Hina, Natsuo concurs with Rui. Homegrown Sweetheart has collected consideration because of its emphasis on female fellowship, a circle of drama, and relational clash.

Domestic Girlfriend Cast and characters

  • Natsuo Fujii Voiced by: Taku Yashiro(Japanese); Austin Tindle, Bryson Baugus (young)(English)
  • Natsuo is a secondary school understudy who is 17 years of age and a yearning writer, loaded with inventive motivations however concealing it from every one of his companions and colleagues.
  • Rui Tachibana Voiced by: Maaya Uchida(Japanese); Natalie Rial(English)
  • Rui is a secondary school understudy who in the long run creates affections for Natsuo.
  • Hina Tachibana Voiced by: Yōko Hikasa(Japanese); Patricia Duran (English)
  • Hina is a secondary school English instructor who in the end starts a relationship with Natsuo, one of her understudies who is likewise her step-sibling.
  • Momo Kashiwabara Voiced by: Haruka Yoshimura(Japanese); Hilary Haag (English)
  • Momo is a cohort of Rui and Natsuo.
  • Miu Ashihara Voiced by: Konomi Kohara(Japanese); Luci Christian (English)
  • Miu is the sole individual from the school’s Writing Club until the appearance of Natsuo, Rui, and Momo.
  • Akihito Fujii Voiced by: Nobuo Tobita (Japanese); Imprint X. Laskowski (English)
  • He is the dad of Natsuo.
  • Tokiko Tachibana Voiced by: Yurika Hino (Japanese); Carli Mosier (English)
  • She is the mother of Hina and Rui.
  • Fumiya Kurimoto Voiced by: Takuya Eguchi (Japanese); Andrew Love (English)
  • He is Natsuo’s closest companion and counselor. He works parttime at a bar.
  • Yuya Masaoka Voiced by: Takeaki Masuyama (Japanese); Courtland Johnson (English)
  • He is one of Natsuo’s companions at school.
  • Kazushi Kine Voiced by: Gakuto Kajiwara (Japanese); Mike Haimoto (English)
  • He is one of Natsuo’s companions at school.
  • Reiji Kiriya Voiced by: Hikaru Midorikawa (Japanese); David Wald (English)
  • A well known creator who distributes under the nom de plume Hasukawa.
  • Shu Hagiwara Voiced by: Daisuke Hirakawa (Japanese); Adam Gibbs (English)
  • Shu Hagiwara, is a hitched 32 years of age man, who is a scientist at a Science lab at a college.
  • Masaki Kobayashi Voiced by: Kenjiro Tsuda (Japanese); John Gremillion (English)
  • Masaki Kobayashi is an ongoing barkeep and proprietor of the bistro Fumiya Kurimoto works which Natsuo, Rui, and Hina much of the time visit.
  • Alex J. Matsukawa Voiced by: Tasuku Hatanaka (Japanese); Blake Shepard (English)
  • Alex is a secondary school understudy who is an individual from the Writing Club.

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 Plot

Homegrown Sweetheart follows secondary school understudy Natsuo Fujii as he manages his affections for his educator. Be that as it may, after he meets a baffling young lady named Rui Tachibana, things start to move. He engages in sexual relations with Rui as a source for his pity about his missing educator. The next day, his dad lets him know that he and his life partner are getting hitched. Tsukiko Tachibana, the mother of the teacher he cares deeply about, goes into the room. In any case, the issues have just barely started. Two girls enter with their mom. Among them are Rui and Hina.

The main season followed Natsuo as he kept on attempting to work out a fair compromise between his associations with the different women in his day to day existence. After the chief learns about Hina and her mystery love in the series finale, “Please accept my apologies, I Love You,” Hina exits school. She, thusly, mentioned an exchange to a distant school as installment for staying quiet. Natsuo, then again, fell into a profound wretchedness in her nonattendance. Towards the season’s end, Natsuo professed to be a writer with an end goal to find Hina. With Natsuo as her sweetheart, Rui’s life was finished.

The impending season will start the last known point of interest, in section 73. Hopping forward in time is the ticket “Another Breeze” opens. Rui has as of late taken up cooking as a calling. Her definitive objective is to bring home the championship of “world’s best cook.” Be that as it may, her confidential life isn’t fostering the manner in which she trusts it will. Hina can’t be cheerful in that frame of mind as long as she probably is aware Rui actually cherishes her. Is this the start of an undertaking?

Domestic Girlfriend Season 1 Rating

As of my last update in September 2021, “Domestic Girlfriend” Season 1 had received mixed reviews from both viewers and critics. The anime, based on the manga by Kei Sasuga, follows the complex love triangle between high school student Natsuo Fujii, his teacher Hina Tachibana, and his classmate Rui Tachibana.

On one hand, some viewers praised the anime for its mature and emotionally charged storyline, exploring themes of love, relationships, and the challenges of navigating complicated emotions. The series was commended for its character development and willingness to tackle difficult and realistic relationship dynamics.

On the other hand, “Domestic Girlfriend” also faced criticism for its controversial subject matter and melodramatic moments. Some viewers found the plot to be divisive and felt that certain character decisions were unrealistic or inconsistent. Additionally, there were concerns raised about the portrayal of certain relationships and the ethical implications of certain story developments.

The anime’s rating on various review platforms and anime databases reflected this mixed reception, with scores ranging from average to above-average. Ultimately, “Domestic Girlfriend” Season 1 proved to be a polarizing series, with some finding it engaging and thought-provoking, while others felt it was too melodramatic or struggled with the themes presented.

As with any series, individual opinions may vary, and viewers interested in “Domestic Girlfriend” should watch it themselves to form their own judgments on the anime’s merits and shortcomings.


Has “Domestic Girlfriend” been renewed for a Season 2?

As of my last update in September 2021, there had been no official announcement regarding the renewal of “Domestic Girlfriend” for a second season. Fans were eagerly awaiting news about a possible continuation, but it’s essential to check with official sources or reputable anime news outlets for any recent updates on the renewal status.

When can we expect the release date for “Domestic Girlfriend” Season 2?

Without an official renewal confirmation, there was no information available regarding the release date for Season 2. Anime production schedules can vary, and any estimates or speculations would be purely hypothetical until an official announcement is made.

Will the main cast return for “Domestic Girlfriend” Season 2?

If “Domestic Girlfriend” gets renewed for a second season, it is likely that the main cast from the first season would reprise their roles. However, until an official announcement is made, it’s best to wait for confirmed information.

How many episodes will be in “Domestic Girlfriend” Season 2?

The episode count for Season 2, if it happens, has not been revealed. The number of episodes in an anime season can vary, and it would depend on the production team’s decisions.

Where can we watch “Domestic Girlfriend” Season 2?

If “Domestic Girlfriend” Season 2 gets produced, its availability for streaming would depend on licensing agreements. Platforms like Crunchyroll, Funimation, or other streaming services might acquire the rights to air the new season, but it’s essential to check with official sources for the most accurate information.


In conclusion, as of my last update in September 2021, there was no official announcement regarding the renewal or release of “Domestic Girlfriend” Season 2. Fans of the series were hopeful for a continuation, but any information about the second season’s production, release date, episode count, or cast was not available at that time.

“Domestic Girlfriend” Season 1 received mixed reviews, with some viewers praising its mature and emotionally charged storyline, while others had concerns about its controversial subject matter and melodramatic moments.

To find the latest and most accurate information about “Domestic Girlfriend” Season 2, fans are advised to follow official announcements from the anime’s production studio or reputable news sources. Until an official renewal confirmation is made, it’s best to remain patient and keep an eye out for any updates on the status of a potential Season 2.

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