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As of 2023, Elliana Walmsley’s estimated net worth is $400,000 USD. She is an American dancer and model who gained recognition and a significant fan base at a young age due to her successful dancing career and appearances in reality TV shows like “Dance Moms.” She has a substantial following on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Elliana has not only excelled in dance but has also ventured into acting, appearing in web series and popular music videos. Her diverse talents have contributed to her overall net worth.

Please note that net worth figures can fluctuate over time, and this estimate is based on available information as of 2023.

Elliana Walmsley Net Worth

According to media reports, Elliana Walmsley’s net worth stands at $0.4 million US dollars in 2023. She is a prominent teenage dancer and social media influencer in the United States, with a strong presence in reality shows. Elliana’s monthly income exceeds $5,000, and she is poised for a promising career in the entertainment industry.

Her income sources include television shows, web series, and various other ventures, contributing to an annual income of over $60,000. Additionally, a significant portion of her earnings comes from brand endorsements, advertisements, and sponsorships. In the past two years, she has experienced substantial growth in both her net worth and popularity.

Elliana Walmsley Net Worth 2023

NameElliana Walmsley
Net Worth 2022$400 Thousand
Monthly Income$5000 +
Annual Income$60,000 +
ProfessionDancer, Model

Elliana Walmsley Early Life

Elliana Kathryn Walmsley was born on June 23, 2007, into a Christian family in Boulder, Colorado, United States. At 15 years old, she has already made a name for herself in the world of dance and entertainment. Her educational journey began at Mesa Elementary School in the United States, and she further honed her dance skills at the prestigious Joffrey Ballet School company in Chicago.

Elliana comes from a well-rounded family. Her father, Kevin Walmsley, is a businessman, while her mother, Yolanda Walmsley, serves as a teacher. She has two older brothers, Luke and Jakob Walmsley, who likely provide her with additional support and inspiration in her endeavors.

Elliana Walmsley Personal Life

Elliana Walmsley is currently in a relationship with Jentzen Ramirez, a well-known actor and social media influencer. Their relationship has garnered attention in the public eye, given their respective positions in the entertainment and social media industries.

Elliana Walmsley Career

Elliana Walmsley embarked on her dancing journey at the remarkably young age of 18 months. Her early passion for dance laid the foundation for her career in the world of entertainment.

In 2016, she made her television debut on the reality TV show “Dance Moms.” Her first appearance was in a Mini Madness episode during Season 6, where she was joined by her mother. Elliana became a part of The Abby Lee Dance Company mini-team, which further showcased her dancing talents.

The following year, in 2017, Elliana took on the lead role of Grace in the musical “Dance Divas Nutcracker.” Her versatility as a performer was evident in this endeavor.

In 2018, she participated as a professional dancer alongside Jason Maybaum and Emma Slater in the reality show “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors,” marking another significant milestone in her career.

Aside from her television and dancing ventures, Elliana Walmsley ventured into the world of YouTube. She established her channel on April 25, 2016, and began sharing vlogs, challenges, and pranks from her daily life. As of 2023, her YouTube channel boasts over 1 million subscribers, showcasing her popularity and ability to connect with a broader audience through digital media.

Elliana Walmsley Biography

Full NameElliana Kathryn Walmsley
Age15 Years Old
Date Of Birth23 June 2007
Birth PlaceBoulder, Colorado, United States
Height4.5 feet ( 136 cm )
Weight41 Kg ( 90.5 Lbs)
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorDark Brown
Affairs/BoyfriendJentzen Ramirez
Marital StatusUnmarried
FatherKevin Walmsley
MotherYolanda Walmsley
BrothersLuke and Jakeob Walmsley
HometownBoulder, Colorado
Food HabitNon-Vegetarian
Education QualificationHigh School
Debut Tv ShowDance Moms (2016)

Elliana Walmsley Favorite Things

Favorite Style Of DanceBallet and Musical Theatre
Favorite DancerAvery Gay
Favorite ColorBlue
Best FriendsPeyton Evans, Kendyl Fay, Alexus Oladi
HobbiesTraveling and dancing

Elliana Walmsley Car

Elliana Walmsley’s penchant for a luxurious lifestyle is reflected in her choice of vehicles. She recently added a new addition to her car collection, a ‘Tesla Model 3.’ This sleek and environmentally friendly electric car comes at a cost of $71,190, showcasing her taste for modern and innovative automobiles.


Elliana Walmsley  Endorsement

Elliana Walmsley’s rising star status has made her a sought-after choice for brand promotions in the United States. Her influence extends to numerous brands, and she serves as a brand ambassador for a range of products and services. Some of the brands she endorses include ‘Joyfolie,’ ‘Nina Kids Shoes,’ ‘Kidpik,’ ‘Izzy Be Clothing,’ ‘Butterfly Closet,’ ‘Nickelodeon,’ and ‘me. n.u,’ among others. Her association with these brands not only adds to her fame but also contributes significantly to her income.

Frequiently Asked Question

What is Elliana Walmsley net worth?

As of 2023, Elliana Walmsley’s estimated net worth is $400,000 USD.

What is Elliana Walmsley age and date of birth?

Elliana Walmsley was born on June 23, 2007, and as of 2023, she is 15 years old.

When did Elliana start her dancing career?

Elliana Walmsley began her dancing career at the incredibly young age of just 18 months. Her early passion for dance set the stage for her impressive journey in the world of dance and entertainment.

Which TV show did Elliana make her debut on?

Elliana Walmsley made her debut on the reality TV show “Dance Moms.” Her first appearance on the show was in a Mini Madness episode during Season 6, alongside her mother. She joined The Abby Lee Dance Company mini-team, which marked the beginning of her television career.

Has Elliana appeared in any musicals?

Yes, Elliana Walmsley has appeared in musicals. In 2017, she took on the lead role of Grace in the musical “Dance Divas Nutcracker.” This showcased her versatility as a performer beyond her dancing skills.

What reality show did Elliana participate in with Jason Maybaum?

In 2018, Elliana Walmsley participated in the reality show “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors.” She partnered with Jason Maybaum for this competition, showcasing her dance talent and gaining further recognition in the entertainment world.

When did Elliana start her YouTube channel, and how many subscribers does she have?

Elliana Walmsley started her YouTube channel on April 25, 2016. As of 2023, her channel has accumulated over 1 million subscribers, a testament to her popularity and ability to engage with a broad online audience.

What car did Elliana recently purchase?

Elliana Walmsley recently purchased a ‘Tesla Model 3,’ an innovative electric car known for its modern design and environmental sustainability. The cost of this unique car is $71,190, reflecting her taste for advanced and eco-friendly automobiles.

Which brands does Elliana Walmsley endorse?

Elliana Walmsley endorses brands like Joyfolie, Nina Kids Shoes, Kidpik, Izzy Be Clothing, Butterfly Closet, Nickelodeon, and me. n.u, among others.

Is Elliana Walmsley dating anyone?

Yes, Elliana Walmsley is currently in a relationship with Jentzen Ramirez, an actor and social media influencer.


In conclusion, Elliana Walmsley is a talented and rising star in the entertainment industry, known for her exceptional dancing skills and presence in reality TV shows. As of 2023, her estimated net worth is $400,000 USD, reflecting her success at a young age.

Born on June 23, 2007, Elliana started her dancing career at just 18 months old and made her TV debut on “Dance Moms.” She has also ventured into musicals and appeared in “Dance Divas Nutcracker.”

Elliana gained further recognition by participating in “Dancing with the Stars: Juniors” with Jason Maybaum. In addition to her television career, she has a popular YouTube channel with over 1 million subscribers.

Her taste for a luxurious lifestyle is evident through her recent purchase of a Tesla Model 3, and she is a sought-after brand ambassador for various companies.

Elliana is not only a dancer and actress but also a social media influencer who is currently dating fellow influencer Jentzen Ramirez. Her promising career suggests she will continue to shine in the entertainment world.

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