My First First Love Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline: Is It Going To Happen?

Netflix’s interest in Korean dramas is evident, as it aims to capture the attention of the worldwide audience of K-drama enthusiasts. One notable example of their positive approach is the series “My First First Love,” which delves into the timeless theme of first love from the perspective of four college students in their twenties. The show encapsulates the intricate and emotive essence of love often found in Korean dramas, making it a resounding success. Its melodramatic romance appeals to both teenagers and young adults, resulting in a substantial viewership.

“My First First Love” follows the journey of these young individuals as they grapple with the complexities of love, presenting relatable and heartwarming scenarios that resonate with a broad audience. By tapping into the universal experience of first love, the series strikes a chord with viewers across cultural boundaries, solidifying its position as a hit show on the streaming platform. As Netflix continues to invest in such compelling content, it further cements its commitment to catering to the global demand for captivating and emotionally engaging K-dramas.

My First First Love Season 3 Renewal Status

Netflix or the production team regarding the renewal status of “My First First Love” for a third season. While the first two seasons of the K-drama were well-received and gained a dedicated fanbase, any news regarding a potential Season 3 remains speculative.

Renewal decisions for TV shows are typically influenced by various factors, including viewership numbers, critical reception, production costs, and the availability of the cast and crew. Although the positive response from audiences may indicate a promising chance of renewal, it ultimately lies in the hands of the network and the creators.

To stay updated on the latest news regarding the renewal status of “My First First Love,” it’s best to keep an eye on official announcements from Netflix or the show’s official social media channels. In the meantime, fans can continue to enjoy the existing seasons of the beloved series and hope for news of its continuation in the future.

My First First Love Season 3 Release Date

Netflix typically makes formal announcements for upcoming seasons, including release dates, through official channels such as social media, press releases, and their platform itself. Fans eagerly awaiting the third season should keep an eye on these sources for any updates.

It is worth noting that the production of TV shows, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, faced numerous challenges that might have impacted the timeline for filming and post-production. These delays could have further influenced any potential release date.

Additionally, the decision to renew a series for another season depends on several factors, such as viewership numbers, critical reception, and overall popularity. If “My First First Love” Season 2 received positive feedback and maintained a solid viewership, it may increase the likelihood of Netflix greenlighting a third season.

As of now, any information regarding the release date for Season 3 is speculative. Fans should exercise patience and stay tuned for official updates from Netflix or the show’s creators. Until then, viewers can enjoy the existing seasons of “My First First Love” and continue to support the show while waiting for further news.

My First First Love Storyline

“My First First Love” is a heartwarming K-drama that revolves around the lives of five college students and their journey of self-discovery and love. The story begins when Yoon Tae-oh, a carefree and impulsive young man, opens his house to his best friends and two other acquaintances who are in need of a place to stay. Among them is Han Song-i, Tae-oh’s childhood friend, who secretly harbors feelings for him.

As the characters navigate the complexities of adulthood and relationships, they find themselves entangled in a web of emotions and dilemmas. Tae-oh grapples with his feelings for Song-i while developing a close bond with his housemate, Seo Do-hyun, who carries a hidden past.

The storyline delves into the age-old phenomenon of first love, exploring the myriad emotions that come with it – joy, pain, confusion, and growth. Each character undergoes personal growth and transformation as they confront their feelings and the challenges of young adulthood.

My First First Love Cast

The cast of “My First First Love” features a talented ensemble of actors who brought life to the captivating characters in the K-drama:

  1. Ji Soo as Yoon Tae-oh: The charismatic and carefree protagonist who opens his house to his friends and experiences the complexities of love and friendship.

  2. Jung Chae-yeon as Han Song-i: Tae-oh’s childhood friend who moves into his house and struggles with her unrequited feelings for him.

  3. Jinyoung as Seo Do-hyun: A gentle and reserved character who becomes Tae-oh’s housemate and develops a unique bond with him.

  4. Choi Ri as Choi Hoon: Tae-oh’s close friend and a loyal companion, who adds humor and support to the group.

  5. Kang Tae-oh as Ryu Se-hyun: A talented and ambitious musician who joins the house and sparks a romantic interest.

  6. Hong Ji-yoon as Oh Ga-rin: A cheerful and optimistic young woman who becomes part of the house’s dynamic.

The chemistry between the cast members and their exceptional performances contributed to the series’ appeal and emotional depth. Their portrayal of relatable characters and their exploration of first love and friendship resonated with viewers, making “My First First Love” a beloved and popular K-drama on Netflix.

My First First Love Season 3 Plot

The storyline might delve deeper into the evolving dynamics of the housemates’ friendships and romantic entanglements. Viewers could witness further growth and development in the relationships between Yoon Tae-oh, Han Song-i, Seo Do-hyun, Choi Hoon, Ryu Se-hyun, and Oh Ga-rin. The challenges of young adulthood, career aspirations, and personal ambitions might be central themes.

The show could continue to portray the complexities of first love, unrequited feelings, and the emotional journey of the characters as they navigate adulthood together. New conflicts and obstacles could arise, testing their bonds and forcing them to confront their past and present choices.

Overall, “My First First Love” Season 3, if it were to be produced, would likely offer a blend of heartwarming moments, emotional revelations, and captivating drama, building on the foundation set by the previous seasons to provide a satisfying continuation of the beloved K-drama series.

My First First Love Season 3 Trailer

“My First First Love” Season 3 since the season had not been confirmed or announced. Trailers are typically released closer to the actual premiere date of a TV show or series. To check for the latest updates on the release of the trailer, viewers should keep an eye on Netflix’s official social media channels, the show’s official website, and entertainment news outlets. These sources will provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on any potential release of the Season 3 trailer.

Where to watch My First First Love?

Both seasons of ‘My First First Love’ are available for streaming on Netflix, each comprising eight episodes, with an average runtime of 55 minutes per episode. Unfortunately, there won’t be a Season 3, but fans can still indulge in the delightful option of binge-watching the existing two seasons. With the complete story at their fingertips, immersing in the captivating journey of the characters doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. So, for those who haven’t yet experienced the heartwarming K-drama, now is the perfect time to dive into the world of ‘My First First Love’ and enjoy the emotions and romance it has to offer.


Is there going to be a Season 3 of ‘My First First Love’?

As of my last update in September 2021, there was no official confirmation regarding the renewal of ‘My First First Love’ for a Season 3. Netflix or the show’s creators had not announced any plans for further seasons at that time.

Why was ‘My First First Love’ well-received by audiences?

The show gained popularity due to its relatable portrayal of first love and the emotional journeys of the main characters. The captivating storyline, strong performances by the cast, and the heartwarming portrayal of friendships and relationships resonated with viewers.

How many episodes are there in each season of ‘My First First Love’?

Each season of ‘My First First Love’ consists of eight episodes, offering a compact and engaging narrative for viewers.

Can I watch ‘My First First Love’ on Netflix?

Yes, both seasons of ‘My First First Love’ are available for streaming on Netflix, allowing viewers to enjoy the entire series at their convenience.

Is there a trailer for Season 3?

As of my last update, there was no trailer for ‘My First First Love’ Season 3 since the season had not been confirmed. Fans should keep an eye on official Netflix channels and entertainment news sources for any updates regarding a potential Season 3 and related trailers.


‘My First First Love’ for a Season 3. While fans may have hoped for further developments in the story and the lives of their favorite characters, there was no indication of such plans at that time.

However, both seasons of ‘My First First Love’ are available on Netflix, offering viewers the chance to immerse themselves in the heartwarming journey of first love, friendship, and personal growth experienced by the main characters. With each season comprising eight episodes, fans can relish the complete narrative and emotions that the K-drama has to offer.

While the possibility of a Season 3 may still linger in the future, for now, fans can continue to enjoy the existing content and appreciate the wonderful storytelling and performances that made ‘My First First Love’ a beloved series among audiences worldwide. It remains a touching and relatable coming-of-age tale, providing a delightful viewing experience for all who watch it.

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