Pinocchio Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Storyline: Will There Be Another Season?

South Korean dramatizations have won the hearts of watchers from one side of the planet to the other, particularly the more youthful ages. Today, we’ll investigate Pinocchio, a South Korean TV series that circulated for twenty episodes from November 12, 2014, to January 15, 2015, and got rave surveys from pundits. Fans have been requesting a second time of Pinocchio because of the show’s staggering achievement and the numerous honors it has gotten, laying out its place as perhaps of the most famous Korean show.

You can find the most recent updates about your number one show here. Figure out all that you really want to be aware of the forthcoming Pinocchio season 2 — assuming it will be reestablished when it will debut, who will star, what will occur, what the secret will resemble, and where you can watch it. Peruse!

Pinocchio Season 2 Renewal Status

The destiny of the second time of Pinocchio has not been chosen. Fans might be somewhat disappointed by the absence of show-related official notices, restorations, and spoilers. Creators and merchants the same have been quiet about the item’s future. The makers may not promptly answer the input they get, yet there is as yet an opportunity that they might pay attention to their fans.

Pinocchio Season 2 Release Date

The primary time of this exceptional and much-acclaimed show broadcasted from November 12, 2014, to January 15, 2015. Over six years have passed since the series finale. On SBS, you could watch Pinocchio each and every week on Wednesdays and Thursdays. As we’ve proactively laid out, this show was a tremendous accomplishment with youngsters all over the world, not simply in Korea. The second time of Pinocchio was long awaited. You can definitely relax, adherents; we’ll keep you notified each step about the way.

No authority articulation, reestablishment, or spoiler with respect to this show has been made, which might be frustrating to fans. The makers and the merchant both stayed quiet. Yet, we have confidence that the makers will take any measures to satisfy their watchers. Since not even the show’s restoration has been settled on right now, an exact delivery date is difficult to foresee. We are speechless in light of the fact that we have no clue assuming the series will be dropped or restored. However, have confidence that we will immediately refresh this article with any new data we get.

Pinocchio Storyline

Ha-Myung (presently known as Dal-Po) lives with his fireman father, his mom Ho-Sang, and his similarly brilliant more established sibling. Be that as it may, his dad and different individuals from his group die in a fire at a trash site while attempting to save individuals. Nonetheless, the canny MSC correspondent, Tune Cha-alright, utilizes the way that Ho-Sang’s body was at first missing to approach him as the great suspect. Along these lines, Ha-Myung’s mom and more youthful child become weirdos, and Ha-Myung himself carries out himself by leaping off a precipice. Luckily for Ha-Myung, a man comes to his guide and he figures out how to remain alive.

The person who saves him incidentally turns out to be In-Ha’s granddad, and he is sure that Ha-Myung is actually his late child Dal-Po, 30 years previously. Subsequently, he is given another personality and brought by Up in Ha’s family under the name Dal-Po. Notwithstanding, In-Ha has a condition called Pinocchio Disorder that makes her experience hiccups each time she lies. Gradually, Dal-Po discovers that In-Ha’s mother is a similar Tune Cha-alright who obliterated his loved ones. Accordingly, Dal-Po battles the should be with In-Ha by disregarding her.

Quite a while later, Dal-Po and In-Ha’s family move to Seoul, and In-Ha concludes she needs to emulate her mom’s example as a writer. Because of her Pinocchio Disorder, In-Ha is turned down for a meeting with MSC Broadcasting Station. To earn a living wage, Dal-Po works a taxi administration. In the wake of meeting In-Ha’s mom, in any case, he settles on the choice to enter the news business and clear his genuine dad’s name.

Pinocchio Cast

“Pinocchio” is a popular South Korean drama that aired in 2014, featuring a talented and captivating cast that brought the story to life.

Lee Jong-suk stars as Choi Dal-po, the male lead with a tragic past and a strong sense of justice. Park Shin-hye portrays Choi In-ha, the female protagonist with the “Pinocchio syndrome,” which causes her to hiccup whenever she lies.

Kim Young-kwang takes on the role of Seo Beom-jo, a cold and ambitious prosecutor, while Lee Yu-bi plays Yoon Yoo-rae, a spirited and aspiring reporter.

The cast also includes veteran actors such as Byun Hee-bong as Choi Gong-pil, Dal-po’s grandfather, and Shin Jung-geun as Hwang Gyo-dong, In-ha’s adoptive father and mentor.

The chemistry between the cast members, along with their strong performances, contributed to the success of “Pinocchio.” The series garnered widespread praise for its engaging storyline, heartfelt performances, and exploration of media ethics, making it one of the most beloved K-dramas of its time.

Pinocchio Season 2 Plot

The occasions of Pinocchio Season 2 are connected with those of Season 1. Choi Dai Po, Choi In Ha, Search engine optimization Beom Jo, and Yoon Yoo Rae were the focal point of the principal season. Dai Po’s dad was a fireman, and he was killed after he had been dishonestly blamed for inducing a mishap. His mom and he start to contemplate self destruction, while his sibling plots retaliation.

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Fortunately, he is acknowledged as In Ha’s uncle and tracks down solace in another family. They meet at school and immediately foster affections for each other. Dai Po at last uncovers himself to be Ki Ha Myung, out for retribution after his dad’s homicide. The show investigates love, fellowship, news-casting, and the media brilliantly while focusing on the benefit of revealing current realities.

Season 2 of Pinocchio may either refocus or head down an entirely unexpected path. A continuation following Choi Dai Po and Choi In Ha’s marriage may be enamoring, taking into account the principal season’s enormous achievement, as it would dig into the subtleties of their lives in the midst of changing media governmental issues and energizing new cases. With Search engine optimization Beom Joo back at work as a journalist, there is high expectation for the openness of new fundamental blemishes. Earnest fans are expecting the development of a subsequent season featuring similar brilliant entertainers as in the past.

Pinocchio Season 2 Trailer

If you haven’t watched the trailer for “Pinocchio” Season 1, you can easily find it on YouTube. By viewing the trailer, you can get a glimpse of the show’s premise and decide whether it interests you enough to watch the entire series. However, it’s essential to note that as of my last update in September 2021, there was no official confirmation about “Pinocchio” Season 2, and no trailer had been released for any potential continuation.

With the current lack of official information about Season 2’s debut, it is understandable that there is no reason to release a trailer for it. Fans who are eagerly awaiting a second season will need to stay patient and keep an eye on official announcements from the show’s creators or the network. Until then, the focus should be on enjoying the first season and exploring the various streaming platforms where “Pinocchio” is available, such as Viki, Netflix, SBS World, Apple TV, and Kocowa, to relish the compelling mix of genres and captivating storytelling that made the show a success.

Where to watch Pinocchio?

“Pinocchio” enjoyed widespread availability on various streaming platforms after its initial airing on SBS. The show’s popularity led to its availability on platforms such as Viki, Netflix, SBS World, Apple TV, and Kocowa, providing viewers with multiple options to stream the series.

The drama’s success was evident by the numerous translations available on video-sharing platform Viki, with over sixty language options. Additionally, “Pinocchio” found a global audience through its inclusion on Netflix’s streaming service.


Has “Pinocchio” Season 2 been officially confirmed?

As of my last update in September 2021, there was no official confirmation of “Pinocchio” Season 2. The possibility of a second season remained uncertain, and no official announcements had been made by the show’s creators or production team.

Is there a trailer for “Pinocchio” Season 2?

As of my last update, there was no trailer released for “Pinocchio” Season 2, given that no official confirmation had been made regarding the season’s production or release.

When could “Pinocchio” Season 2 premiere?

Without an official confirmation, there was no information available about the potential release date for “Pinocchio” Season 2. The show’s availability on streaming platforms like Viki and Netflix allowed fans to enjoy the first season while awaiting any updates on a second season.

Will the original cast return for “Pinocchio” Season 2?

As there was no official confirmation of Season 2, it remained uncertain if the original cast members, including Lee Jong-suk, Park Shin-hye, Kim Young-kwang, and Lee Yu-bi, would return for any potential continuation.

Where can I find updates on “Pinocchio” Season 2?

For the latest updates on “Pinocchio” Season 2, fans should keep an eye on official announcements from the show’s creators, production team, and SBS network. Reliable entertainment news sources would also provide any developments regarding a potential second season of the beloved K-drama.


“Pinocchio” Season 2 had not been officially confirmed. The potential for a second season remained uncertain, and no official announcements had been made by the show’s creators or production team.

Fans who are eagerly awaiting a second season of “Pinocchio” should stay tuned for any official updates from the show’s creators, SBS network, or reliable entertainment news sources. While the availability of the first season on streaming platforms like Viki and Netflix allows viewers to enjoy the captivating drama, any news about Season 2’s production or release date remains unknown.

Until further information is announced, viewers can continue to relish the original series, appreciating the talents of the cast, the engaging storyline, and the mix of genres that made “Pinocchio” a beloved K-drama. To stay informed about any potential developments, fans should keep an eye on official sources for any updates regarding “Pinocchio” Season 2.

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