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Lee Charm Jung and Shin Won-Ho made the South Korean series “Answer.” In the three times of the ‘Answer’ series that have been delivered up to this point, the narratives of a gathering of companions are let in a non-direct design know that leaps around in time.

The principal season is named “Answer 1997,” the second “Answer 1994,” and the third “Answer 1988.” Fans might be inquiring as to whether a Season 4 of ‘Answer’ is underway, considering that the program has proactively circulated three seasons and the nonlinear narrating structure takes into consideration more. After I wrap up making sense of the series, we’ll make a plunge.

Reply Season 4 Renewal Status

Answer 1988, the third time of the TVN compilation series, debuted on November 6, 2015, and closed on January 16, 2016. In the mean time, almost seven years have passed since the debut of the past season. Also, there has been no discussion of it. It appears to be futile to guess on Season 4 of Answer as of now. Subsequently, we feel it is our obligation to caution the crowd that Answer won’t probably return for a fourth season.

Reply Season 4 Release Date

When will prepare four of ‘Answer’ be accessible to watch on the web? is the consuming point at the forefront of everybody’s thoughts at this moment? Whether or whether a fourth season will be created is, notwithstanding, obscure. We might dare to dream that there was some unexpected deferral. Chief Shin Won-ho declared at a question and answer session in 2017 that he won’t be returning for Season 2 of “Answer.” He had different things he expected to chip away at. That is the reason it’s conceivable Season 4 will not emerge by any means.

Dropping the show after its basic and business achievement would be annihilating to its committed crowd. Be that as it may, the producer has shown he is waiting for the ideal content. The situation with a fourth time of ‘Answer’ is at this point unclear. Maybe it will debut in 2023 or 2024 assuming that it is reestablished before long. Have no trepidation. When we have more data, we will impart it to you.

Reply Storyline

In the 1988 show “Answer,” Deok-sun, Jung-hwan, Dong-ryeong, Sun-charm, and Choi Taek, the tranquil one of the gathering, play closest companions.

Both the young people and their folks assume significant parts in this story. It recounts the tale of their companionship as young people, the difficulties they confronted and how they conquered them, their advancement as people, and the wonderful times they spent together.

Reply Cast

The cast of a television show or movie typically refers to the group of actors and actresses who portray the main characters or significant roles in the production. While you specifically mentioned “Leave It To Geege,” which doesn’t have an existing Season 2 as per my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, I can provide a general overview of what a cast might entail.

A cast can consist of a diverse group of individuals who bring the story to life through their performances. It often includes lead actors who portray the central characters, supporting actors who play important secondary roles, and sometimes guest actors who make appearances in specific episodes or scenes.

The cast members are selected based on their acting abilities, suitability for the characters they are portraying, and their overall contribution to the production. They work together under the direction of the show’s creator or director to bring the script to life, conveying emotions, relationships, and conflicts through their performances.

The size of the cast can vary depending on the scope of the production. Some shows may have a small ensemble cast, while others might feature a large ensemble with numerous recurring or guest actors. The cast members collaborate closely, rehearsing scenes, developing their characters, and creating a cohesive on-screen dynamic.

The cast of a show often becomes synonymous with the characters they portray, and their performances can significantly impact the overall success and popularity of the production. Through their talent and dedication, the cast members contribute to the storytelling and engage audiences, making their characters memorable and relatable.

It’s important to note that specific details regarding the cast of “Leave It To Geege” or any other specific show’s Season 2 would require up-to-date information, as casting decisions can change over time.

Reply Season 3 Recap

Answer 1988 was the name of the show’s third season. The season occurred in 1988, as the name proposes. The story fixated on the collaborations of five dear companions. These five people have known one another for quite a long time and have grown up together in a similar Ssangmun-dong area in Seoul. The show shifts back and forth between zeroing in on the teens and the grown-ups in their lives.

It recounts the account of how they grew up as youngsters and how they defeated difficulties that any teen can connect with. They had accomplished individual accomplishments and appreciated each other’s conversation monstrously. Before the year’s over, Deok-sun had marry Choi Taek, and individually, the families had escaped the region for greener fields.

Reply Season 4 Trailer

Season 4 of “Answer” has not been authoritatively declared. I will leave you with the Answer ’88 trailer for now.

Reply Review

The ‘Answer’ series is a significant social standard in South Korea. The series effectively evoked the ten years’ phenomenal climate. After a sluggish beginning with watchers, “Answer 1997” immediately rose to noticeable quality because of its heavenly composition and creation values. As far as viewership, ‘Answer 1994’ is among the best Korean television dramatizations of all time.

The basic outcome of “Answer 1988” helped make it the second most well known Korean show at any point displayed on TV. The ‘Answer’ series restored interest in the first harvest of Korean groups that started off the K-Pop peculiarity. The ‘Answer’ demonstrates keep on being exceptionally viewed as probably awesome and most persuasive in Korea’s television business.


What happened in “Mayans M.C.” Season 4?

I apologize, but without information on Season 4, I can’t provide specific details about its plot or events. As of my last update, the show had concluded its third season, which featured various storylines surrounding the Mayans Motorcycle Club and its members dealing with internal conflicts, rival gangs, and law enforcement.

When did “Mayans M.C.” Season 4 air?

As of my last update in September 2021, the release date for “Mayans M.C.” Season 4 had not been announced. If the show has since released a Season 4, you can find its airing date by checking official sources or entertainment news outlets.

Who are the main characters in the show?

The main characters in “Mayans M.C.” up to Season 3 included Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes, Felipe Reyes, Angel Reyes, and other key members of the Mayans Motorcycle Club. However, there might have been additions or changes in Season 4 if it was released after my last update.

What is the show’s connection to “Sons of Anarchy”?

“Mayans M.C.” is a spin-off of the popular series “Sons of Anarchy,” created by Kurt Sutter. Both shows are set in the same fictional universe and share some characters and storylines, but “Mayans M.C.” focuses on a different motorcycle club and its struggles.

Where can I watch “Mayans M.C.”?

As of my last update, “Mayans M.C.” was available to watch on the FX Network in the United States. International viewers may find the show on various streaming platforms that have licensing agreements with FX. If you want to watch the latest seasons, I recommend checking with your local streaming services or FX’s official website for the most up-to-date information.


I apologize for any confusion, but as an AI language model, I don’t have real-time access to current information beyond my last update in September 2021. At that time, “Mayans M.C.” had only completed its third season, and I do not have information on any developments or events in Season 4.

If “Mayans M.C.” has released a Season 4 after my last update, I do not have access to its content or storyline. To find out the conclusion of “Mayans M.C.” Season 4 and other related information, I recommend checking official sources such as the FX Network’s website, entertainment news outlets, or the show’s official social media channels for the most current updates and details.

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